November 27 Update


Hello Praxis,

As always I hope you’re having a great week. There will be no Praxis tonight, but there are some other things you should know about.

The Buffams, a family from Trinity, have extended an invitation to any college students who are in need of a place to go for Thanksgiving. I have had the privilege of hanging out with their children (Nelson and Naomi) and they’re a blast. Mrs. Buffam is from France which is super cool, and I personally love talking with her about her experiences there. They live in Redlands and will be eating around 2:00 pm. There will be board games and family fun! If you’re interested feel free to contact Patricia Buffam at: (909) 425-0316.

One other announcement: If anyone is looking for some work over the holiday season, Randle from Trinity is looking to hire a couple college students over the next month. He is in need of students to make follow up phone calls to CFP’s (Certified Financial Planners) and schedule meetings with them for him. The hours are flexible and there is about two weeks of full time work available. If you’re interested please contact him at: (909)-725-2930.

Upcoming Events

Christmas Party – Wednesday, December 4
This is a long standing tradition and for good reason. It will take place at the Alumni House on University of Redlands’ campus. Bring a dish to share. There will be a best cookie/dessert competition with prizes. And don’t forget your $5-$10 white elephant gift for our gift exchange! And one last thing regarding this, many of you know Cindy and Jeimmy were adopted. They will be selling raffle tickets as a fundraiser for the adoption company with a prize of two Super bowl tickets! These raffle tickets are $20 each so bring that if you’re interested!

Leadership Team
We are currently looking to compose our leadership team for the upcoming semester. As you know, this isn’t a ministry based upon any one person, but we do need to have a foundation of people to continue the sustainability of it. If you’re interested in being a part of this team to help plan and make decisions pertaining to Wednesday nights and other events, please contact me. We are definitely in need for you students to take ownership of this ministry and this is your chance!

Corey Schwarz
(909) 915-9473

Praxis is a community of Christ followers longing to glorify God by loving God, loving people, sharing the gospel, and serving the world. We believe that as we faithfully pursue this mission, God can do far more than we can imagine to change the world by furthering His kingdom here on earth.

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