May 13 Update



The day has finally arrived. This Wednesday is Broomball! We will be meeting on the chapel steps at University of Redlands (if you’re unfamiliar it’s the large chapel at University of Redlands, you can’t miss it!) at 6:30 pm and carpooling to the ice rink in Riverside. We’ll have the ice from 7:30-8:30 pm and probably grab In-N-Out on the way home. For all the High School Seniors, Praxis’ very own Andrew Ballinger has offered to pay for your In-N-Out tomorrow! As if you needed more of a reason to come other than free broomball, now there is free food! If you have any questions or arrive late just give me a call (number below). We will probably leave the U of R sometime around 6:45 pm so try to make it before then. I’ll see you there!

Corey Schwarz

(909) 915-9473

Praxis is a community of Christ followers longing to glorify God by loving God, loving people, sharing the gospel, and serving the world. We believe that as we faithfully pursue this mission, God can do far more than we can imagine to change the world by furthering His kingdom here on earth.

PS Here is a list of some things I’m into right now!

1. Endless possibilities.

2. Hiking. No links, just go out and do it!

3. Oh, they’re good.

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