July 1 Update



Welcome July. Can you believe it? The summer is flying by. I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far!

This week we’re back to our regular schedule. We’ll be meeting at Trinity Church at 7:30 pm. Jonathan Townsend will be teaching John 2:13-25. I’m excited to see you there!

Upcoming Events:

FACTOR[ing] – You choose time, date, and place!

FACTOR stands for favorites, aspirations, challenges, testimony, objectives, and requests. This is the first week and if you’ve already met I hope it went well, my FACTOR is tonight and I’m pretty excited.

25/40 – All Summer Long! 

25/40 is taken from Matthew 25:40 and will be our community guide all summer long. What we’re seeking to do is reach out to the homeless community around us by devoting time once a week to meet with them. This could involve sharing a meal, playing a game, or just having conversation with the same person every week. We’re teamed up in groups to take on this task. I’m excited about the impact it could have on us, on the community, and most importantly on those who we’ll be interacting with. This will be a super casual, non-threatening opportunity for those of you who haven’t done homeless ministry before to get your feet wet along with other students. Ultimately, we want to make this about bringing the gospel of Jesus in word and deed to those around us, and what better way to do that then personally engaging them?! – This is in full swing, but it’s not too late to get involved! Just email back and let us know!

Help Moving – July 3 or 4 or 12

There is a couple moving back to Redlands looking for some guys to help move them the morning of July 3 or 4. They are willing to pay. Let me know if you’re interested.

There is also a single woman who needs help on Saturday, July 12 with a move. As we’ve talked recently about our three goals as a ministry (growing closer together, reaching out and serving at Trinity, and serving those in the community) this is a great opportunity to reach out and serve Trinity! Please contact me if you’re able to help (number below). Thanks!

Corey Schwarz

(909) 915-9473

Praxis is a community of Christ followers longing to glorify God by loving God, loving people, sharing the gospel, and serving the world. We believe that as we faithfully pursue this mission, God can do far more than we can imagine to change the world by furthering His kingdom here on earth.

P.S. Here is a list of some things I’m into right now!

1. Letters. Hand written, sealed in an envelope, and mailed with a stamp.

2. The simple things in life. Like these pens!

3. Philippians 3:13-14

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