October 7 Update

Hey Praxis,

Let’s Glow!! Tomorrow night after Praxis we’ll be playing glow in the dark Ultimate Frisbee on the lawn. It’ll be super fun even if you’re like me and your athletic skills are largely absent. Invite a friend and get ready to GLOW!


If you have a few extra moments, read John 6 and join us tomorrow night as we explore another of Christ’s miracles, the feeding of the 5000. How does a miracle that happened 2000 years ago have anything to do with us today? Let’s discuss and find out together.


BBQ @ the Hylkema’s
The Praxis BBQ will be at my house on Saturday, October 18 at 5:00 pm. We’ll grill up some burgers and hot dogs. Come and hang out with us for an evening of food and fellowship. My address is 1321 Susan Avenue, Redlands (about a mile from U of R). If you need a ride be sure to let us know.

Hylke Hylkema
Pastor of Student Ministries

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