November 4 Update

Hi Praxis,

The book of James calls us to be doers of the Word not hearers only. I have heard so much encouraging feedback from our study of the book of John. It’s been super rich. So what? We’ve read about Jesus ministering to the broken, the lost, the neglected, the sinners. He proclaimed to them Good News; He declared Himself as the bread of life, the source of living water, the life giving Son of God.

Let’s be doers of the Word and engage a broken, lost world like Jesus did. No, we don’t have an elaborate plan or strategy. All we have is a simple act of service (Coffee and Cookies) and we’ll ask Him to bless our efforts in His Name.


The details for Wednesday, November 5:
6:00 pm  Meet at University Hall for prayer
6:30 pm Set up coffee & cookies in front of the library and engage students in the surrounding areas. Hand out some Praxis flyers and engage people in conversation.
9:00 pm Head to Red Robin for some appetizers (free to everyone). If you want to order some food, be sure to bring some cash.
“But wait, I’m nervous about talking to people…”
Don’t worry about it. Come and hand someone a cup of coffee. There’s nothing to it. In other words, we’ll find a spot for you to serve. At the same time, I want to push you to step out of your comfort zone.


Be there!!

At times it’s these unique Praxis nights that are easy to miss out on. Don’t miss this one. We want to desperately reach this campus with the Gospel. YOU know the One who is the source of living water, the bread of life, and these students need to hear this message of hope and salvation. Sometimes the first step to building bridge with people towards Christ is a cup of coffee or an invitation to enter into a community where they can search for and find Truth.


Sacred Search
Don’t forget about the Sacred Search seminar happening this Saturday, November 8. Finding a partner for marriage is one of the biggest decisions of your life. Come and hear from Gary Thomas and you will gain some helpful insights to inform and biblically guide your sacred search. Click here for more information.



Hylke Hylkema
Pastor of Student Ministries

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